Deanna’s Story

I was told about placenta encapsulation and was at first skeptical. However, everything I researched about it had positive outcomes. What could it hurt? Why not try? Delivery was super fast and everything was wrapped nicely as if I was receiving a present. Later, I’d realize I truly did. At first I was turned off by the fact it was me in the pills, but then I pushed myself to at least 1 pill a day. I felt normal, no blues, great milk supply, etc. I figured after a month I’d stop taking them and with in two days I felt myself dragging, mildly depressed, and not motivated. I jumped back on the placenta encapsulation pills and was back to normal with in two days. Huh!! They do work!!!

Speaking of work, because of my work my milk supply went down due to not enough pumping time. I was less then an ounce and starting to freak out!! My daughter was only 4 months, I wanted to at least nurse 6 months. I doubled my placenta pills and literally my milk supply kicked in more within 2 days!! Just incredible!! I am so happy with my decision of placenta encapsulation!! I have shared with my friends, who just like me, are a little skeptical. I’m sure they’ll do the research and find there is nothing to loose. I would 110% do it again. The nutrients helped me, my baby, and my relationship with my husband. No depression, still can breast feed, and feel like my body is back to normal after 3 months!! Thank you Tatiana for providing such a great service and product!!!         -Deanna P.

Danica’s Story

TestimonialI noticed immediate help from taking the placenta pills. When the weepy sensation or achy heart feeling started to creep up on me, I took 2-4 capsules and felt relief within minutes.

With my second pregnancy, my placenta was lost at the hospital. The difference from not taking it was noticeable; irritability and reduced milk production by about one-third! Placenta encapsulation cannot be recommended highly enough to pregnant women.

~Danica Thornberry, L.Ac.

Paula’s Story

Mother And ChildThe placenta pills…have done me a world of good! I did have some problems with postpartum blues because my birth experience was pretty traumatic. I labored for three days and then eventually had to have a C-section. I really didn’t want to have major surgery, but what are you going to do when the baby won’t come out?

I actually had to call the postpartum depression hotline at my hospital and get some help. Around the same time… the placenta pills arrived and with the help of both those things, I improved radically over the next week. I’ve almost finished the two bottles now, and I’m feeling like myself again.

Thanks so much for the service you provide! I never would have thought of ingesting the placenta if it weren’t put in capsule form! It definitely helped smooth out my hormones and get me through a very rough time. No one can really prepare you for that kind of hormone roller coaster ride – I’m glad I had some help.

~Paula T.

Viviene’s Story

Mom and BabyI loved the placenta caps.

I had a long time healing from my emergency C-section (12 weeks!!!) … I had to have daily dressing changes and no baths or exercise, nor even lifting for 3 months. So glad that is over.

The caps really helped me through.

They got me through the zanies of the first month. I took them as recommended for the first 5 days or so and then after that, I would take them when I felt I needed them, which got to be less and less.

At around 7 weeks postpartum I got a strange itchy rash across my tummy, low back, chest and legs. I went to a dermatologist who didn’t know why I was having a rash and gave me cream that didn’t help. Then I remembered I still had a whole other bottle of my placenta caps and began taking them. Within another day or so, the rash was gone. Amazing.

I recommended you to my friend who is also delivering…in less than 2 weeks…and would like to get her placenta encapsulated too.

~Viviene B.

Staci’s Story

Thank you so much for encapsulating my placenta! …As you probably know, the first two weeks with a newborn is a completely new world. 🙂 As baby sleeps and Dax is out walking the dogs and Nanna is cooking dinner, I finally have some time to catch up.

I am so excited to take the pills everyday and am feeling GREAT! My husband says he can always tell if I haven’t taken the pills. Once he gently reminds me, we both notice how calm I feel afterwards.

~Staci C.