The process

Restore Your Body With the Same

Vital Nutrients That Created Life

Made by You, For You and Your Baby

Your placenta contains one of the highest concentrations of essential hormones, iron, B vitamins and micronutrients found in any plant or animal species. Preparing your placenta into easy-to-take capsules is a simple way to insure health and vitality after you have your baby. Because your placenta is made by you, those vitamins and nutrients are easily absorbed and turned into vital energy for you, speeding recovery time after delivery.

Some of the results you can expect to see are:

  • An increase in energy level
  • Less bleeding time after birth
  • Less irritability due to fatigue
  • An increase in iron levels
  • Decreased incidence of postpartum depression
  • Decreased incidence of the “Baby Blues”
  • Restored hormonal balance
  • Increased breastmilk supply
  • General improvement in health and vitality


iStock_000014177328_ExtraSmallIngesting one’s placenta after birth is a relatively new concept here in the West. Yet, it has been a common practice in China for thousands of years. It was used after birth to fortify a woman’s energy reserves and to ensure she was able to care for herself and her baby after delivery. It was also used to treat chronic back pain, arthritis, asthma and degenerative disorders in both men and women.

Today, Placenta Encapsulation has received much attention for its ability to prevent and treat the “Baby Blues” and postpartum depression.


mom and babyEvery woman can benefit from a little extra energy after nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. But placenta encapsulation is particularly helpful for women who have had difficulty getting pregnant, have experienced postpartum hemorrhage or have experienced the baby blues or postpartum depression with previous births.


Both the raw method and the steamed method have their benefits.

As a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and primary care practitioner in California, I am able to provide a constitutional diagnosis before recommending which method would be best suited for you. A complimentary phone consultation is included in your package.


The process The raw method involves dehydrating the placenta below 135 degrees to maintain the integrity of the hormones and micronutrients. This method is safe and produces a highly potent form of placenta extract. After dehydration, the placenta is ground into a fine powder and hand-encapsulated. The capsules that are returned to you are easy to take, completely odorless and shelf-stable.


I am alternately able to prepare your placenta according to traditional Chinese medicine practices, which involves steaming the placenta with specific herbs first, based on your personal diagnosis. This method is particularly suited for those who tend to feel cold, have weak digestive systems or have anemia. These herbs are hand-picked for your particular constitution.


3 Capsules, 3 Times a Day

I use the standard TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) dosage of three capsules, three times a day, until finished. (Bensky, Materia Medica). The dosage can be modified based on your needs and intuition. If for some reason you want to stop for a period of time, you may do so, and save some for the future when weaning, teething, or illness may leave you feeling like you need a little extra nurturing.

When you receive your capsules, a receipt and instructions will be included. The capsules are shelf-stable, but can be refrigerated if you chose. Placenta size and shape vary, but in general, an average placenta makes about 110-200 size 0 capsules, which should last between three to four weeks.

COST   $350

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.  Checks can be mailed in advance and held on file or paid upon pickup of the placenta from the hospital. I request that payments be made before delivery or when the placenta is picked up from the hospital.

Please contact me in the case of financial hardship. I never want finances to stop you from taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. There are ways to save on the cost, such as having a friend or family member transport the placenta in the cooler to me.


The dehydration process usually takes between 14-24  hours.  After that, the placenta is ground, encapsulated, and then shipped back to you via UPS or FEDEX with tracking and insurance. Shipping is overnight in southern California, except on Fridays, when packages are delivered back to you the following Monday.  In most cases your package will arrive to you in approximately 3-4 days, just in time for your return home with your baby.


The Process

Cord Blood Tincture  $50

A unique homeopathic tincture can be made from two drops of umbilical cord blood, rich in stem cells, and a small piece of the placenta. This remedy is used under the tongue or dropped into water for the same purpose as the placenta extract. Tincture is delivered with the capsules and ready to use in six weeks. $50



Once I have received your information and payment has been arranged I will be considered “on call” for your birth. When you have had your baby just call or text me at (310)-367-5086 to coordinate a pickup time. If you have the time, it is also helpful to send me a text to let me know you are on your way to the hospital. Please note that I will always come the same day except in the case of a late-night delivery, in which case pickup will be arranged for the following day.

If your baby has been born, and prior arrangements with me have not been made,  I can still encapsulate your placenta for you as long as it has been kept on ice in a cooler, or refrigerated. It can be kept chilled like this for up to three days. After that,  it is best to place the placenta in the freezer until it is picked up and processed.


Plan to bring a medium-sized cooler with you to the hospital and be sure to let your birth team know your desire to keep the placenta after delivery. Once you have had your baby, have the nursing staff put ice around the placenta in the cooler.  The placenta will then be transferred to my cooler upon pickup.

If delivering at home, the placenta can be refrigerated in a double Ziploc bag for up to 72 hours. After 72 hours the placenta is still viable, but would need to be frozen, then thawed before processing.


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to nurture yourself while you care for your baby!