Why East Asian Medicine for Pregnancy?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are ideal treatment methods because they offer a safe and effective way to treat conditions of pregnancy without harmful side effects to you or your baby. Treatments are designed to complement standard obstetric care and will address both physical and emotional symptoms commonly experienced during each trimester.

Optional Pregnant Woman_GrassI specialize in treatment for:

• Labor Preparation and Cervical Ripening

• Natural Labor Inductions

• Breech Presentation

• Amniotic Fluid Irregularities

• Skin Conditions

• Nausea/Vomiting

• Mental/Emotional Health

• Back Pain/Sciatica

• Preeclampsia

• Insufficient Lactation

• Mastitis

• Postpartum Depression

What to Expect

During prenatal visits I will monitor your blood pressure and fetal heart tones and check the position of your baby. I’ll take a complete history and we’ll go over your individual treatment plan. You will receive acupuncture during each visit and we’ll discuss whether an herbal formula is appropriate for you.

For general pregnancy care, expect to come in for treatment once a month during your first and second trimesters, twice a month or more for your third trimester or if we are addressing a specific concern.

Labor Preparation

Acupuncture_HandsAt 36 weeks I begin a series of labor preparation treatments designed to encourage cervical ripening and optimal fetal positioning, while physically and emotionally preparing for the birth journey that lies ahead.

If necessary, I offer labor induction treatments, a natural, drug-free alternative to hospital inductions, that allows a mother to begin labor peacefully, in the comfort of her own home.